slabmate by foilboard

Slabmate By Foilboard

Slabmate is Foilboard Insulation System’s new innovate product that acts as a high performing insulation panel. Slabmate is an under slab insulation solution for slab-on-ground concrete construction. Slabmate has been designed to create a thermal barrier adding to the total insulation of the building project. This helps to achieve a higher energy efficiency rating.

Environmentally friendly, Slabmate is made here in Australia for both commercial and residential construction projects. Slabmate is lightweight, safe and easy to install and will maintain its R value for the life of the building. Slabmate is a cost-effective solution to increase the building’s energy efficiency.

Slabmate has been developed to fulfil a need in the market for insulated products that can provide thermal resistance to concrete slab construction. By adding insulation to the concrete, the thermal resistance is increased from as little as R0.1 up to R2.6. This additional insulation provides comfort year-round while reducing energy costs.

Slabmate is fully compliant with the National Construction Code and Australian Standard 4859.1 so you can be confident when you choose Slabmate that you have the leading under slab product used at your property. Slabmate uses closed cell thermoplastic that delivers 90% air as an insulator. Made from high-quality local materials that do not breakdown over time, Slabmate contains no CFCs or ozone depleting properties.

Slambate sheets are available in a range of thicknesses from 30 mm to 100 mm. Based on your project, choose the most appropriate Slabmate sheet to ensure that the thermal efficiency of your property is improved. This will help lower energy bills, prevent mould in the property and improve the health of the occupants.

About Foilboard

Foilboard Insulation Systems is one of the leading Australian owned insulation manufacturers and suppliers of energy saving, sustainable building insulation products. Foilboard has been manufacturing Foilboard Insulation products since 1991, when its founder created the product from a concept, then designed and built a state-of-the-art manufacturing machine in Australia.

Foilboard’s products are used in both residential and commercial construction projects. For further information about Foilboard Insulation Systems and its suite of insulation products, call the business on 1800 354 717.