Slabmate has been developed to fulfil a need in the market for insulated products that can provide thermal resistance to concrete slab construction. By adding insulation to the concrete the thermal résistance is increased from as little R0.1 up to R2.6. This additional insulation provides comfort year round while reducing energy costs.


Slabmate is made in Australia by Australian’s and is fully compliant with the NCC and AS4859.1 so you can be confident when you choose Slabmate that you have the leading underslab offering in the market. Slabmate uses closed cell thermoplastic that delivers 90% air as an insulator.

Compliance is one of our main concerns with many imported goods being brought into Australia cheaply and without relevant testing. Slabmate gives you piece of mind, made right here in Australia and fully tested and compliant.

Light weight, easy to use, peace of mind.